Cinematic Monday

Film Acting
Weekly Class

Start date

Every Monday from 18:00 to 22:30


Paris, 75011


Classes are in English, but you're welcome to work in your preferred language


Maximum 10 participants per class


Suitable for beginners, intermediates, and professionals; coaching is tailored to the actor’s individual needs and skill level


Includes technique, preparation, monologues, and scenes.

Who is it for?

For actors who need to become or stay sharp with the camera and set dynamics, as well as those preparing for auditions or roles.

For directors who need to enhance necessary communication skills and acting techniques to bring out their desired performance from any actor in the most effective way possible.

Why join?

Because, for film actors, the camera takes on the role of their essential medium, much like an instrument for a musician. Improving in camera acting requires actual experience with the camera and reviewing one’s performances. Confidence is nurtured through practice, experience, and comprehension.

You will cultivate a practical understanding of how to authentically live and behave in front of the camera, developing self-awareness and the ability to listen and connect genuinely with scene partners, while trusting your instincts to guide your actions. Classes are taught from the director's perspective, which may differ from that of an actor, to broaden understanding and taste development in acting and filmmaking.

Entry Requirements

Age: All applicants must be 18 years or older at the start of the program. 
To submit
: Please provide a CV and, if possible, a showreel. 
: Participating in an audition is mandatory to ensure the safety, quality, commitment of all members within the group.


The emphasis is on crafting detailed, sincere, and multi-layered performances. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of angles, lenses, distances, camera movements, shot sizes, continuity, and their impact on scene composition, as well as how these elements influence acting and vice versa. Valuable insights into best practices and pitfalls for every setup and take will be consistently provided.

Additionally, you will learn techniques for rapid and effective preparation in performance environments with minimal rehearsal time in distracting environments.

 Film acting is mostly an intimate and solitary work – where your medium close-up becomes aprivate personal space. Cinema is the art of “sculpting in time” through meticulous choices, calculated risks, and the baring of souls. You better beprepared.

Rehearsals are filmed, watched, and analyzed.

Thematic overview

Screenplay analysis and interpretation

Character creation and development

Techniques for accessing emotions on cue

Vocal training

Presence and mindfulness in performance

Strategies to manage physical and emotional tension, stress and anxiety (on & off camera)

Strategies to manage and overcome fear

Breathing techniques

Analysis of scenes from films

Developement of interpersonal communication techniques on set

Meet the director



He combines self-discovery with practical expertise, offering a dynamic and insightful perspective to actors and directors. He also creates narratives for cinema and theatre. When he's not working, Antonio loves spending time walking in Paris, shooting 16mm films, practicing Noh theatre and thai boxe. He shares his passion for acting and directing by teaching modules and masterclasses at Cours Florent and Sorbonne Université. He’s the founder of Agarte Studio.

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Classes will resume in September 2024

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