Two-Weekend Film Acting Workshop
— 2 weekends —

Step 1

Fill up the following form to register to the workshop

If you haven't previously collaborated with Agarte Studio, kindly share how you discovered us and outline your objectives in joining our studio. Additionally, please provide any relevant documents such as your CV, resume, website link, or showreel to facilitate our understanding of your background and goals. We look forward to learning more about your interests and aspirations

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Step 2

Leave a deposit of 102€ in order to complete the registration for the audition. You will be refunded if the audition is not successful.
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⚠️ Audition required

We prioritize quality over quantity we choose to limit the number of participants to ensure personalised attention and full immersion in the craft.

To maintain a safe and focused learning environment, new participants must successfully complete an audition before being invited to join the classes or workshops. This guarantees the creation of a unified group, where each participant is prepared and dedicated to the work.

The audition is conducted online and consists of two parts: a monologue and an interview