“The only way to understand a character is through yourself. Everyone is much more alike than they willingly admit.”

Elia Kazan

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A unique space for actors and directors
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he Agarte Studio, located in the heart of Paris, is a profound training ground for actors and directors. Specializing in camera work, we are fueled by a passionate fascination and practical knowledge of cinematography. Our aim is to help actors embody the director's vision and enhance their acting prowess, and assisting directors in understanding the actor's inner universe through immersive practice. We strive to cultivate cinematic charisma and creative vulnerability.

We believe in creating a supportive, safe, and collaborative environment that nurtures trust and unlocks each participant's cinematic potential. Joining our workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the art of acting alongside a community of like-minded individuals.

The Agarte Studio offers classes for all levels of competence, from rookies to amateurs to professionals and we prioritise quality over quantity. Therefore, we limit the number of participants to ensure personalised attention and a fully experience in the craft.

To maintain this level of depth and individual focus, new students are required to get through before receiving an invitation to join the workshop. This ensures a cohesive group where each participant is ready and committed to the learning journey ahead.

Due to the popularity of our workshop, we maintain a waiting list. However, we encourage interested individuals to apply and be placed on the list. As soon as a spot becomes available, we will notify you promptly.


Enamored of the golden era of Japanese cinema, Among his favorite artists are Seijun Suzuki, Kim Stanley, San Shepard.

                Antonio begun his acting academic training at the age of 13 in a little town in the north west of Italy. As an Alumni at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Antonio is classically trained in Stanislavsky system, Meisner technique, Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, Tadashi Suzuki’s method. In LA Antonio deepened his craft by closely working under the direct guidance of most beloved and respected Eric Morris.

His focus naturally evolved from acting to directing and from directing, to its complementary part, teaching. Inspired by the work of Kazan, Bolevslavsky, Meyerhold and A.S. Neill, among other wonderful pedagogues, he started developing a personal and modern vision on teaching the evanescent/ephemeral craft of acting. Full of discoveries, experimentation and an endless rehearsal space to look for creativity in truth and inspiration in repetition.

Always curious and in need of experiencing first-hand, wiling to stretch the bounders and rules of tradition Antonio started developing his own personal discipline of acting, that allows thespians to reach freedom and a clear understanding of acting dynamics. He held workshops in Seoul, New York City and around Europe. He currently teaches in Paris at Cours Florent and at Univerité Sorbonne.

He’s currently collaborating with the American playwriter Matthew Gasda.

Enamored of the golden era of Japanese cinema, Among his favorite artists are Seijun Suzuki, Kim Stanley, San Shepard.

Agarte Studio


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